Oh No!!! Are Mullets Making a Comeback?

Oh No!!! Are Mullets Making a Comeback?

Ok so I love the return of styles,  it is in fact my life as a vintage curator and seller. However, there are some things that should just stay in the past, don’t you think?

Mullets are definitely one of them, my achy breaky heart can’t handle them. 


it occurred to me first in January of 2020. While eating dinner in a cool bar in Toronto and did a double take when I saw the bartender, full on mullet.  Maybe he was just an outlier.  Then periodically saw them throughout the year but still didn’t think much of it. Then one day while sitting on my front porch I saw a group of neighbourhood boys walking down the street (probably the eighth grade) and they ALL had mullets. OMG, they are back. 

Great Mullets of the past

There have been some pretty historical mullets in the past. Mullets that can never be matched. Of course the most famous mullet of all time would have to go to Billy Ray Cyrus. Was it attractive? Not in my opinion. Was it high fashion? Nope. But was it memorable?  YES. If you ask anybody who the first person that they think of when they think of the hairstyle and Billy Ray would be the first thing out of their mouth. But he was not the first. In fact Ancient Romans had mullets, Native American Chiefs had mullets, and David Bowie had a mullet as well.  So I guess the Kentucky waterfall, the business in front party in back, the hockey hair is here for a bit, get ready hairstylist.








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